Where it all began...

We are proud to introduce Boxey’s Food & Catering to the Great Lakes Bay Region! Boxey's Food & Catering was inspired through Shari Rae Smith executive chef and owner of Shari at the Willard Hillton. Her two daughters (Samantha & Timmi Baird) were born into the art of fine dining and worked along side Shari for over ten years learning and creating a plethora of gourmet foods & desserts.


Myself (Kyle Boxey) worked with them for 3+ years in many aspects of the business before chef Shari retired with her restaurant of 27 years. Timmi, Samantha and myself decided to ignite our passion to provide gourmet catering services along with the creation of delicious locally made foods from stromboli, breads & quiche to scones, muffins & sweets. Whether you’re looking for personalized items, gifts, or a private service, Boxey's Food & Catering has you covered. Our menus formulate to every client's budget, style and taste. We have the food that makes you smile:)